Single queries

Besides access to the different modules of the portal or information on single countries MendelOnline also offers the option to access information on individual 4-digit product codes (headings) and their subheadings for a specific country through single queries in the modules Customs Tariffs and Import Formalities.

For this you first purchase a number of single queries by credit card at a price of 5.00 EUR (Customs Tariffs) resp. 10.00 EUR (Import Formalities) each in the shop. If you now carry out a product code search, you can use one of these single queries to gain access to the related information regarding the 4-digit heading and its subheadings for 24 hours.

The order procedure for single queries essentially corresponds to the one described here in general. However, no subscriptions will be created and no activation codes will be sent. The contract is concluded by a corresponding e-mail sent after processing of the payment.